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When it comes to working with auto parts, sourcing the right bits for the job is only the beginning of the journey. Once you have the right parts, you will need to make sure that they are properly installed. When I decided to restore an old car which my grandfather left to me in his will, I had a real job finding the parts I needed. However, as soon as I had the parts, I realised I had no idea how to install them. Thankfully, I am friendly with the local mechanic and he gave me lots of great advice.


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3 Things to Know about an Automobile Gear Inspection Service
18 July 2018

If you are having issues with your car changing ge

3 Things to Know about an Automobile Gear Inspection Service

If you are having issues with your car changing gears, or with other issues with the gears in your vehicle, you may need a gears inspection service. If you have never had to have this type of service done, then you may be confused about what it entails. Here are three things you need to know about an automobile gear inspection service and what it can tell you about your car.

Part of a Larger Inspection

One of the first things to know about an automobile gear inspection service is that it is generally part of a larger service systems check. Generally, the first step in the automobile gear inspection service is to put the car on a diagnostic scan. The diagnostic scan will check for any issue with the car, including gears. Some diagnostics run the car through it's normal paces to see where the issues may be. For example, you may find that you can't change gears well, but the diagnostic service check shows that it isn't just the gears. If it does show it is the gears, you will go to the next step of a more specific gear inspection.

Detecting Overheating

One step of the automobile gear inspection service is to detect overheating. Overheating can cause several issues in the gears including an issue with the lubricant that keeps the gears moving properly. This part of the inspection will look for smoke coming from the gears, discoloured housings, low oil levels, dark oil levels, and water or foam in the sight glass areas of the gears. All of these issues can be red flags that point to the problem with the gears being due to overheating. If this is the issue, other systems including the motor will be checked.

Lubricant Checks

You may not think about the lubricant of your car being part of a gear inspection service. The truth is, if there is overheating and related issues with the gearbox the lubricant could be the problem. The gear inspection service will check the lubricant for several issues. A lab analysis of the lubricant may be done to determine if there is an issue with the lubricant itself and what that issue is. Measurement of lubricant levels will also be done as part of the inspection service.

Once the gear inspection service has been done, you will receive an inspection certificate and readout. This will show you the items that were checked, the results of those checks, and what the final issue is. It will also show what the options are to fix the gears in your car and get the car running properly.